Celebs Who Went Through Extreme Changes for a Movie Role


We’re living in a splendid time of the film where the measures for acting are set peculiarly high. The gathering of observers can without quite a bit of a stretch tell extraordinary from horrendous acting, and this has incited on-screen characters to expedite their A-game the remote possibility that they have to succeed. Besides, a couple of performers have recognized the interest, be that as it may, they have gone to unfathomable lengths to show obligation and commitment to their film characters.

We at Bright Side were really charmed with the undertakings that a part of these on-screen characters and performers made to make shocking consistent with life craftsmanship, and we couldn’t clutch grant them to you.

1. Tom Hanks, Cast Away

15 Celebs Who Went Through Extreme Changes for a Movie Role

© Cast Away / IMDB   © Cast Away / IMDB  

Tom Hanks required his delineation of the character for the movie Cast Away to be sensible to the point that at one point during age they quit going for an entire year with the objective that Tom could shed 50 pounds and build up his facial hair and hair out.


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